Do you have a website that just seems to be missing that special something? Are you not receiving the type of engagement you would like with just text on your website? Well, corporate informational videos are the perfect choice for spicing up your website. Videos are far more engaging then just plain text, and it gives potential customers a better idea about your company’s personality.

A Second Look: Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

This 8 minute video was produced to be used in all drivers education classes in Washington State. When this video was first released, it quickly went viral, receiving over 13 million views.

Little Creek Casino Resort – Welcome Video

Shot all on green screen, this video is used to greet guests when they first check into their room. A warm and welcoming greeting to those staying at Little Creek Casino Resort, this video highlights the amenities available.

Rich Products Worldwide

In 2015, James Waugh of Notion Pictures, along with John Paget of Paget Films, was hired to film Rich Product production facilities in England, the United States, South Africa, Vietnam, China and Mexico.

Today’s Manufactured Homes

This video, produced for the Northwest Manufactured Housing Association, was developed to highlight manufactured homes. A 10 minute video, Today’s Manufactured Home sends the message that the benefit of choosing a manufactured home is that it is the exact home you want.

Meet the Doctor: Foley Plastic Surgery Center

In 2014, Notion Pictures shot an introductory video for the Foley Plastic Surgery Center in Olympia. The video was used for their newly updated website and introduced the world to Dr. Foley and his methods, so that future patients would feel more familiar with the staff.

Kell-Chuck Glass

Notion Pictures created this video with Kell-Chuck Glass for their new website. Kell-Chuck Glass had begun updating their image and wanted to have a three minute video that could be on the website, and then divided into 30 second clips for commercials.