A Brand New Perspective

In video, as in life, a change in perspective can be very enlightening. Notion Pictures wants to help you see that new perspective with aerial cinematography. Notion Pictures shoots aerial cinematography in 4K UHD video (the highest video quality available) to capture stunning footage from above. Whether it’s an inspection video of a construction site, or panning shots of cities and landscapes, Notion Pictures will shoot it.

This aerial footage was commissioned by O Bee Credit Union and was designed to spotlight the cities and towns of Thurston County. Featuring intricate drone flying by water and through city streets, this video shows off both the beauty of Thurston County, and the skills of James Waugh.

Notion Pictures was hired to take aerial footage of the newly opened Salish Cliffs Golf Course at Little Creek Casino.

This video, co-produced with GCI, was commissioned by Chehalis Tribal Enterprises to show future development sites for The Crossroads at Grand Mound.